Internet Optimizer – Application to make the internet on mobile faster

In this article, you will see relevant and updated information on how to make the internet faster, using an application on your Android phone that will optimize the system and improve the internet connection.

All cell phone users have experienced some internet connection problems, slowness, crashes, applications do not open, games with very high ping, all this is due to internet connection problems, you may even have thought of changing the internet, looking for faster and cheaper internet. For this reason, we at the Apps Reviews website will show you how to make the internet faster on your cell phone.

People who usually play games like Garena Free Fire, Call of Duty mobile, Fortnite, among many others, end up facing high ping in matches or even connection error making it impossible to load the game. So nothing better than learning how to make the internet faster.

If you want to learn how to make the internet faster on your phone, follow the article, because now you will see information on how the application works to make the internet faster.

How to make the internet faster with an application

The Internet Optimizer application can improve the connection, making the Internet faster on your Android phone with a few taps. What the app will do is prepare your device to help you take advantage of all the features available.

This application performs actions and performs commands that you could probably do manually, but the application simplifies the process and with the use of personalized patches so that you can start optimizing with just one touch and make the internet faster on your smartphone.

Optimization levels for faster internet

The application offers different levels of optimization according to whether your device, even if it has root access or not, and for the Android version. If you are not sure about the root on your phone, the application will automatically detect and determine which profile is best suited to your device to make the internet faster.

The rooted optimization profile

It is the most exhaustive. It includes internal network settings such as MTU size, buffer size, TTLL hops, and more settings for Wi-Fi, LTE, GPRS, 3G, HSUPA, HSPA, edge, EVDO and UMTS connections. You will have the option of making a backup of your presets, so that, as a safety measure, you can revert to the original state if you wish.

The rootless optimization profile

It mainly focuses on improving device performance in real time, temporarily stopping secondary processes that use data traffic. It does not require backup because no permanent changes are made.
These optimizations without root access also apply to the profile with root access.

How to install the application on android phone

If you want to use the app on your Android phone to make the internet faster, just install the app using your apk, or one of the app stores like the Google Play Store. Option of the following application:

Internet Optimizer – Application installer